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Since our modest beginning in 1998, South Carolina Manufacturing

has produced over 3 million products.


Honda Company Principle 


“Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated in supplying the highest

quality products at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.”


The Honda Company Principle drives South Carolina Manufacturing to improve all aspects of the operation to remain a leader in the industry and to continue to have a positive impact on the local economy.


At Honda, all associates share the Honda Philosophy as the basis for conducting daily business action and judgment. This shared philosophy helps the organization to maintain its sense of uniqueness. Together, associates’ skills, knowledge, creativity, talent, and sincere dedication make the organization a success. 


South Carolina Manufacturing is committed to the concept of being involved in the communities where associates live and work as an enduring, reliable, and dedicated partner. Honda supports many organizations and activities that promote education and youth involvement, health and human services, arts and culture diversity, economic growth, and environmental preservation. 


Honda considers it's responsibility to help make society a better place just as important as the goal of offering our customers products and services that result in the highest level of satisfaction. Honda looks for ways to be a catalyst or partner for positive change, recognizing the value of communities and neighbors. Honda’s vision is to become a company that society wants to exist.



Timmonsville, S.C.



April 1997


Production Startup     

ATV- July 1998

ATV Engines - Fall 2000

SxS - June 2013


Plant Size                      

672,000 SqFt (Building 1)

133,000 SqFt (Building 2)


Capital Investment     

$420 Million



ATV - 100,000 yearly

SxS - 100,000 yearly

Site Size                       

615 Acres



900+ Associates



Exceeds 60 Million annually


Purchasing Power     

Over $750 Million annually


Supplier Impact         

12 parts suppliers in S.C.

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